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 Chicago Sun-Times
"Big cat prowls wall of historic Pilsen building in sprawling new mural"
Artists Miguel Del Real and Diske Uno painted a celebration of Mexican culture, history and spirituality.

March 15, 2024

Some may remember when a real-live cougar wandered Chicago, until it was shot and killed by police in 2008.

Another big cat was recently captured in Pilsen — though in a decidedly non-threatening way through paint on a wall. The colorful mural appears on the side of an apartment building at 21st and Paulina streets.

Titled "Tecuani," the artwork was finished last month by Little Village-raised artist Miguel Del Real and the Mexico-born artist who goes by Diske Uno.



DEL REAL Tecuani 2024.JPG
University of Illinois - Chicago
Celebrating the opening of the Odehmenan Health Equity Center

September 20, 2023

On Sept. 13 the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Engagement launched the Odehmenan Health Equity Center (Odeh Center), a new hub for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts on UIC’s west side of campus. The new center is housed in the Library of the Health Sciences-Chicago. The purpose of the Odeh Center is to help cultivate community for students, staff, faculty, alumni and neighborhood partners. This is done through education, affinity groups, events, dialogues and advocacy. By fostering this sense of belonging and partnership, our community will be better equipped to uphold health equity in our clinical practice, education and research. The first word in the Center’s name, Odehmenan — pronounced: Odeh-me-nan: (odéh (oh-debt) me (muh) nan (nan) — is a Potawatomi word that translates to, “this heart of ours.” The Potawatomi people are one of the original peoples of the Chicagoland area and one of the Three Fires Confederacy Nations, who know this area as their ancestral home.



DEL REAL Odehmenan 2023.jpg
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago muralist Miguel Del Real draws on Native American, Mexican art, calligraphy

By Jade Yan  Aug 14, 2020, 11:00am CDT

The mural that Miguel Del Real painted in 2018 on the site of an old Goldblatt’s department store in the 1600 block of West Chicago Avenue is titled “Embracing Life.”  His biggest work, he says it draws on his main inspirations: old English calligraphy, Native American art and the Mexican art of his ancestors.  There are calligraphic flicks in the hummingbird’s wings. The woman’s shirt resembles a huipil — a woven tunic from Mexico and Central America.  FULL ARTICLE

Embracing Life Mural - Del Real - YOPA1s
Pilsen Public Art Tour


Pilsen Public Art Tours offer education about neighborhood murals, help preserve area's Mexican heritage.  Friday, August 9, 2019 2:29PM


For the West Side neighborhood of Pilsen, murals are central to the neighborhood's identity and its largely Mexican community. As development changes the physical landscape and demographics, residents are working to ensure that their art is preserved and respected.  FULL ARTICLE

Chicago Latino ARTchive

The Chicago Latino ArTchive is an online repository documenting and presenting images and information on Chicago Latino artists from the last 100 years. This virtual research tool is designed for those interested in learning more about Latino artists who have worked in Chicago in the last century.   FULL ARTICLE


When is a piece of art work truly complete? Artists, art historians, and theorists have debated this question forever. Of course, there is no true answer.  The experience of watching an artist develop their work is rare. It’s often exciting and inspirational.  Artist Miguel Del Real is creating a love letter of sorts to the neighborhood.



Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts (UAL) is committed to promoting creativity, and has launched a program to participate in Michigan City’s First Friday art walks in July, August, and September, while rehabilitation of the building is underway.    FULL ARTICLE

artspacepost michigancity.png
UIC: Art & Art History

We believe in the power of the arts and visual literacy to transform society and to unleash the creative imaginations of all people. We work as part of, and not simply in partnership with, communities across the city. 


Chicago Cultural Center

Exquisite Canvas: Mural Takeover by Cecilia Beaven, Miguel A. Del Real, and Anna Murphy

June 10—September 3, 2023

Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan Avenue Galleries, 1st Floor East

The exhibition Exquisite Canvas offers a window into the creative process of public art by inviting visitors to watch three Chicago artists develop original murals throughout the period of exhibition. By witnessing the creative processes of Cecilia Beaven, Miguel A. Del Real, and Anna Murphy in action, visitors will be able to appreciate the creativity, dedication and work that goes into each mural and public artwork. Through observation of and engagement with the artists as they paint, visitors are active participants in the creation of the artistic work.



DEL REAL Perspectiva Perpetua 2023.jpg
OPEN Center for the Arts
Connecting People, Health and Nature

By Latinos Progressando May 14, 2022, 9:00am CDT

The Marshall Square community is shining a little brighter after four new murals by local artists were revealed to the public for the first time.


Winning StepOut 2020 artists Alma Domínguez, Jay Simon, Miguel Del Real, and Holiday Gerry unveiled their 8’ by 4’ art works at OPEN Center for the Arts.


These four Lawndale-based artists received grants to explore the relationship between people and nature. The breathtaking beauty and power of their murals and this collaboration has garnered coverage by ABC 7 ChicagoBlockclubCBSNBC ChicagoTelemundo, and Univision.


A collaboration of Latinos Progresando, OPEN Center for the Arts, and The Nature Conservancy in Illinois (TNC), StepOut: People, Health and Nature is an innovative program uniting North and South Lawndale through art and healing. As we grapple with the pandemic’s devastating effects and with racial and environmental injustice, public art provides a new opportunity for courageous conversation and community storytelling, particularly around the connection between our environment and well-being.

STEP OUT photo.jpg
Santa Clarita Public Art

Santa Clarita Valley Signal.  October 2019.

As part of their 10-year anniversary celebration Saturday, the Santa Clarita Skate Park got a facelift with the help of a new art installation called “Inertia.” 


“This location was identified for a new public art project in the Arts Commission 2018 public art proposal,” Mayor Marsha McLean said. “A call for entries was sent out to find an artist who could create a piece that would embody Santa Clarita’s vibrant and diverse skate community.”  Artist Miguel A. Del Real was among the more than 60 applicants from across the country and flew from Chicago for the interview.


City of Chicago

The City of Chicago has commissioned dozens of local artists to create new sculptures, murals and other public artworks in all 50 wards this summer and fall—representing a $1 million investment in artist-led community projects.  50x50 is part of the Year of Public Art, a citywide initiative involving DCASE, the Department of Transportation, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Library, Chicago Transit Authority and other departments to bring more art into public spaces. 


Greenpoint Star

A dreary pedestrian underpass of the Prospect Expressway is the latest site to be spruced up as part of the Gowanus Public Art Project and the Department of Transportation’s (NYDOT) Art Program.  The partnership commissioned muralist Miguel Del Real to transform the 4th Avenue eyesore last week.  FULL ARTICLE

Michigan City News Dispatch

Artists will present works with colors of both summer and fall for the September First Friday Art Walk from 5 to 8 p.m.  Miguel Del Real of Chicago will create a 4-foot by 8-foot mural with spray-paint, acrylic and markers from 5 to 9 p.m. in front of Artspace Uptown Artist Lofts.. 



The most vibrant and innovative art galleries you will see in Chicago this summer are in the streets. Our city is in the midst of a graffiti and street art renaissance due to the daring, increased risks artists are willing to take to make and a cut back from City Hall on their graffiti-blaster program.    


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